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Barida Machinery Industry Ltd. Sti.

Barida Machinery Industry Ltd. Sti. in the design and production of device and special purpose machinery in all sectors, especially in the automotive sector;

“Barida Engineering And Automation Solutions”; Design and manufacture of machinery and equipment, including automation systems, assembly lines for mass production and various control equipment for the needs of companies active in the industrial field, in particular in the automotive industry. is a company that maintains its leading position in the sector with high-quality products focused on quality and customer satisfaction and is result-oriented, sensitive to people and the environment. We dominate the power of liquids and electronics! We combine hydraulic and pneumatic systems with electronics and programming them.

In order to be the first choice in its sector, Barida is in possession of Technological Power, Economic, Confidential and a leader in its sector. Barida Engineering – Automation and Machinery: Designing special machines, assembly lines, control equipment and supplying all kinds of technical, project and automation solutions, turnkey projects for the needs of companies active in the industry.

Visits companies to identify problems and projects these problems from one technical point of view. In this way it ensures the establishment of fully automated, advanced production systems and the success of efficiency studies.

ETCOMA Industrial Engineering, founded in 1993 in Bursa by ETCOMA FRANCE, has combined its 15 years of knowledge and experience with BARIDA Machinery established in 2007, increasing production capacity by 300%.