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Etcoma Holding-France, France and other European automobile manufacturers and related industries in the country, designs and manufactures all kinds of special-purpose equipment, machinery, control devices and it is an organization with a history of over 30 years.

Etcoma Inc. in order to operate in similar matters, it was established in Bursa in 1993 by Holding France. Etcoma is the expertise primarily to the automobile industry equipments. All kind of special-purpose machinery has been set up in this context, the control apparatus, assembly machines, welding apparatus and fixtures, PLC controlled pneumatic and hydraulic systems, test equipments are investigations carried out and manufactures.

Our Company has the customer satisfaction and the quality culture, follows the new technology, strive to constantly renew itself, the quality has taken its place as a reliable manufacturer who delivered at the appropriate time.

With specialized engineers for every profile on the needs of our customers; we offer to our customers turnkey projects and the final products by designing Rollform process the easiest and professional way at minimal cost…

Etcoma, the quality of Rollform sheet metal forming process is made possible with advanced stages of sheet bending and Rollform mold manufacturing experience. Etcoma use its experience to design and manufacture Rollform machines and flexible production lines by using CAD technology.

Rollform machines and mold designs are specifically analyzed in the computer and forming tools according to the required profile is manufactured with high precision for many years to run smoothly.

Etcoma, by applying the necessary machinery and equipment for manufacturing processes on flexible production line will increase the metal’s strength. These processes provide you with many years of work opportunities even in the tightest tolerances seamlessly.

Carrying out turnkey projects, using emerging Technologies, purchase of a large part of manufacturing and sub-supplier for this purpose ones that work together,

Engineering, design, quality control, assembly and automation to perform their activities and give the best service. Capable organization necessary for carrying out all types of equipments,

A company that is modern and certificated.